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So, what is a Death Doula?

--What is a death doula?--

Just as a birth doula helps one enter, a death doula helps one leave. I assist you with comfort, end of life arrangements, assist the person who is leaving and their family to help them navigate through the whole end-of-life process.

--What services does a death doula offer?--

Each death doula is different and offers services within their niche or purview, which can include things such as: sitting vigil at the time of passing, in home body preparation, death rituals, grief working, digital assets/social media accounts, legacy projects [items to be given to loved ones, made with or by the person leaving], assist with navigating a life altering/terminal diagnosis, and so on.

--What sort of passings do death doulas work with?--

As above, each practitioner is different - I personally work with any passings, including miscarriages, abortions, pets, and self ending. I also work directly with those affected through loss afterwards, to walk along side them through their grief and recovery. I also work with leaving your past or past self behind, whatever form that may take for you.

--Are death doulas religious or secular?--

That is up to each individual, however, this practice is no denomination, no judgement. I am a student of world cultures regarding death rituals, and can adhere to and respectfully facilitate any desired flow or style, including ancient rites.

This is not about me; this is about you - my client, my friend - and the needs you have to be met.

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