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Death Doula Do's and Don'ts - My Scope of Service

Updated: Apr 4

As an End of Life/ Death Doula, I offer a client or family caregiver an extra layer of non-medical support, advocacy, and knowledge. In this document, the term "family caregiver" refers to the spouse, family member, partner, or friend who provides the majority of the care. I work for the client, not a specific hospice, palliative care organization, hospital, assisted living community, or skilled nursing institution. I am an independent, insured, self-employed individual. 

What is an End Of Life Doula?

An End of Life Doula provides support to both the dying person's loved ones and the dying person themselves. A non-medical individual who offers assistance to another person on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level is known as an "end of life doula."  Being a supportive presence for the dying and their loved ones is the role of an end-of-life doula.

What will an End Of Life Doula will do?

The doula can be a resource for the patient and the family because she has received training in the three stages of end-of-life care. Explaining their feelings and making appropriate suggestions for the patient's comfort that they may or may not decide to implement.

Examples of what an End Of Life Doula offers:

  • To be a companion to the dying and their loved ones

  • Proposing comfort-enhancing interventions

  • Assisting in the facilitation of unresolved issues 

  • Advanced Vigil Planning

  • End-of-life planning 

  • Writing the Eulogy and the Obituary 

  • Planning Commemorations 

  • Supporting the patient and their loved ones during the entire end-of-life journey

  • Assisting the patient in discovering the meaning of their existence and what their contribution to this world was.

What will an End of Life Doula not do?

  • Perform clinical responsibilities like checking blood pressure, bandaging wounds, caring for catheters, or administering breathing treatments.

  • Administer medication of any kind, including oral syringes that have been pre-filled and are on a doctor's order.

  • Make any choices for clients that are related to medicine or not, but I'll help gather the knowledge and materials needed to better equip them to make wise selections. The client will be guided and helped to contact the medical staff if they have any queries or require assistance concerning their medical care.

  • Speak with medical personnel or providers on the patient's behalf. I will urge the patient or family caregiver to express thoughts, queries, and concerns to their medical professionals through coaching, counseling, and support.

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