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My name is Alex, and death-work is my calling.

Throughout my personal journey with the end of life, I have struggled with finding space and time to grieve. I didnt know what proper grief even looked like. 

I have lost many loved ones. Pets. Friends. Throughout all of this, I packed it away and carried it with me - not knowing what else to do with what I felt. Several years ago, I lost my mother to suicide - and that was the loss that finally pulled me underwater. 

My personality completely changed. The light went out in me. I had nowhere to go with my grief, and I finally went under. My history in the mental health field meant I knew what I should be doing - but self application is hard. 

Over time, a dear friend sent me a TED talk from a death doula, and gently nudged me to look into it. She said she thought I would be good at it since I "handled death so well", and so I did.

Starting down that path opened an avenue of healing. To learn to help others with their grief, to hold their hand along their own journey - we must first confront our own feelings, our own baggage, and our own shadows. 

Through the path of training to become a death doula, I achieved deep personal healing - and knew this was right. I thought back to my time in the darkness, and wished I had known that such a thing existed. 

So now, I exist. 

I am here to hold your hand, to lift you up, to support you unconditionally and humbly as you and yours enter the sacred space of death - and walk with you in whatever way you need. 

I am trained in many avenues and realms, I am happy to honor all beliefs and traditions - or help you create something personal and special. I am versed in both ancient and modern death doula techniques such as digital legacy, estate matters, documents and wills, as well as the rest of the traditional paperwork, filings, hospice, and personal assistant avenues we consider when looking at modern death. I am also a student of the ancient death doula practices such as death nesting, shrouding, vigils, holistic comfort, bucket lists, legacy projects, spiritual wellness, and the more "meta" aspects of leaving this world comfortably and peacefully.

Whether you are preparing the way for yourself, your loved ones, your pet - or find yourself in the aftershocks of loss without a guide:

I am here for you, my friend. 



Thank you, Without Fear for helping me help my sweet Shadow transition. Your guidance suggestions and constant support made letting him go gracefully easier. My sweet red dog is home, his memory framed.



Dont see anything that fits your needs? Have general questions? Please, contact me.

Chattanooga TN 37416

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